Soups for the Garden

Don’t ask how I came up with such an idea!  The thing is that we love our garden dearly since our Horsham landscaper chums built a beautiful patio and terrace in our garden.  It has provided the perfect place to relax of an evening and enjoy a glass of wine and some nibbles.

We’ve also enjoyed some great barbecues with friends over the years and find our little oasis, with it’s winding paths, ornamental walls and fabulous gazebo, to be the perfect place to entertain.

Then one day I was thinking about my blog, which is well overdue for an update!  What about combining my two great passions and invent some soups for the garden?  Never heard of such a thing before but why not?  It’s lovely to enjoy anything on the patio and could bring a whole new dimension to soup-eating or soup-drinking.

So I’m adding some soups that I’ve designed to complement the outdoors. Some will be cool and refreshing to be enjoyed on a hot day when you need to be chilled. Others will be for autumn evenings when there’s a real chill in the air and you don’t fancy standing by a barbecue while your meal cooks.  A soup made in advance can be heated in a few minutes, either indoors or over one of those new patio burners. What fun to heat a huge pan of warming soup over a fire pit and enjoy with chunks of crusty bread with your friends.  It would be wonderful on bonfire night after the fireworks, when you’re longing for something to heat you up while you relax.

The more I think about it, the more enthusiastic I become. So watch out for my new recipes – I’m off to experiment in my lovely new kitchen – check out the photo below