Welcome to my Soup Blog

Haha!  You’re probably expecting a blog about ringtones!  This appealed to my strange sense of humour.

Who needs ringtone soup?  You can’t eat it can you?

So here are my favourite soup recipes. It’s an odd assortment and some of my recipes are sort of throw-it-together because I’ve made them so many times I’ve never followed anything written down.

I love to use lots of different vegetables in most of my soups, so just go with the flow, experiment, add whatever you have in the fridge or cupboard and enjoy.

Oh and a shout out to the guys I think offer the best electrical services in Horsham for helping me get my new cooker installed and up and running. Without them I might still be sharing my recipes, but I wouldn’t be sharing any soup!


And just so you know, I’m useless at photography and this isn’t supposed to be a recipe book as such, so I’ve snagged some pictures off Google (only those labelled available for reuse!).  It just makes the blog look more attractive and I’ve looked for photos that closely resemble my recipes.  Confession over!

And if you want to know my favourite, it’s the delicious ham and lentil

Let me know what you think of my recipes – please